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Sinco has more than 16 years of experience in leather goods and leather bags, including cosmetic bags, leather backpacks, waist bags, leather travel bags.


From cosmetic bags that embrace elegance to leather backpacks that blend style with practicality, from waist bags that redefine convenience to leather travel bags that become a statement of sophistication – our offerings transcend mere accessories, becoming a part of your lifestyle.


What sets us apart is our commitment to bringing your vision to life. Our custom leather goods service is not just about production but about weaving your dreams into tangible reality. Our highly skilled designers are your partners in creation, guiding you from concept to completion. Whether you seek a bespoke private label collection or wish to choose from our existing range, we ensure that your brand's essence and your customers' needs are at the core of every design.


Choose from a premium leather material array of options, including the rich elegance of Vegetable Tanned Skin Leather, the ethical allure of Vegan Leather, the timeless appeal of genuine leather with Pebble textures, the sophistication of Saffiano textured leather, and the versatility of PU Leather.


The MOQ of just 100 pieces. We're here to provide you with not just products, but solutions that resonate with your brand's identity and your customers' desires.

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