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Sinco has more than 16 years of experience in leather products, including leather phone cases, phone cases with card holders, flip phone covers, crossbody phone cases, crossbody phone bags, wallets, card clips, card bags, cases for AirPods, iPad cases, passport holder, leather car key case, leather bag, cosmetic bag, leather backpack, waist bag, leather travel bag, other leather products.

Our services

Working closely with our clients means we can turn your design into your first sample. Our years of expertise enable us to take your sketches and make them into finished products. Our private label collection is stocked with a large number of ready-made styles for branding and shipping. Using leather and eco-leather, we produce phone cases, bags, shoes, luggage, accessories, and more. Our custom leather goods service is dedicated to producing your own designs for your brand or company.

Low MOQ: We are able to customize as small as 100 pieces and are very capable of producing thousands for larger clients.

Customized or In-Stock: Our private label collection has a large selection of off-the-shelf styles that are ready to be branded and shipped or to create your own unique brand.

Quality Craftsmanship: Many of us have experience in manufacturing phone cases and bags for the world's leading brands.

Customized Process

Step 1: Design and Drawings

The first step in turning your dream into a real product is the design phase. This is where we study your ideas, sketches or plans and convert them into a production-ready design.

Step 2: Sample Production

Once you've approved the production drawings, we move on to creating a physical product that you can hold and test. You can see how it feels, how it fits, and how it looks in the real world.

Step 3: Quantity Production

Once you've approved the sample product, we move on to final production. This is not much different from the sample stage, as all of our bags or shoes are handmade by expert artisans, whether it's making a sample or producing 200 pieces.

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At Sinco, our legacy of expertise spans over a decade, a testament to our unwavering commitment to perfecting the art of leatherwork. Our skilled artisans, each a maestro in their own right, transform your sketches into tangible masterpieces. From the initial design to the finishing touches, every stage of production is a symphony of skill, precision, and passion.

Private Label Collection

From phone cases with cardholders to crossbody phone cases and leather bags, our collection is a canvas ready to bear your mark. Imbued with a sense of heritage and a touch of modernity, our pieces transcend fashion, becoming statements of your brand's uniqueness.

Customized leather products

Our Custom Leather Goods service is a sanctuary for your imagination. Whether it's a passport holder that embodies wanderlust, an iPad case that blends technology with elegance, or a leather car key case that marries practicality with sophistication – we craft your designs into tangible stories. Each bespoke piece is a testament to our dedication to realizing your brand's essence in every curve and contour.

Beyond Leather

Our offerings extend far beyond leather phone cases and bags. Explore a realm where leather breathes life into accessories, bags, wallets, card holders, and even AirPods cases. Embrace the allure of leather through our collection of cosmetic bags, leather backpacks, crossbody phone bags, and waist bags, each bearing the hallmark of Sinco's craftsmanship.


We go beyond by using eco-leather, a conscious choice that resonates with your values and ours. Witness the marriage of luxury and responsibility as we produce not only products but also a better world.

Leather Materials

We use high quality sustainable ethical suppliers for all of our leather materials, so we are able to source a range of different types of products to suit our customers' requirements and budgets. For any bespoke product requirements you may have, we can advise and help you to create a product that best suits your company. Alternatively, we can offer a tailoring service for those who prefer to use their own suppliers.


We have a large selection of bags and case hardware options for all your customization requirements. We pride ourselves on knowing and using the highest quality fixtures on all of our products. At Sinco, we take great care in every step of the production process, from the selection of high quality Italian zippers to the finest details of product stitching.

From conceptualization to realization, from private label to bespoke creations, we continue to redefine what is possible in the world of customized leather goods. Elevate your brand, enrich your lifestyle, and embrace the artistry that is Sinco.

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