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Wholesale Leather Wallet

As a professional custom leather wallet manufacturer, we possess a profound comprehension of the methodologies and fundamentals involved in private label leather wallet production. Our tailor-made leather wallet solutions encapsulate the core identity of your brand, align with its ethos, and cultivate customer loyalty. Whether you aim to introduce a new wallet collection, broaden an existing one, or refine your leather wallet sourcing strategy by diversifying suppliers, Sinco is committed to supporting you at every stage. We ensure the delivery of high-quality leather wallets meticulously crafted to meet your precise specifications.

We are eager to work with your brand to create well-designed and crafted private label leather wallets.Explore excellence in the field of leather wallet manufacturing through our premium manufacturing services. As a leading leather goods supplier, we have 16 years of expertise in ensuring that your brand's vision translates seamlessly into beautifully crafted leather products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, coupled with a global network of top-tier suppliers, ensure that the finest materials are utilized in every product. From timeless designs to modern innovations, our skilled artisans and advanced technology work in tandem to create premium leather wallets that embody durability, style, and functionality.Enhance your brand image with a meticulously crafted, customized leather wallet that appeals to discerning buyers while standing the test of time. Experience exceptional quality and customization, all born from a commitment to detail and excellence that sets us apart.


Our team of seasoned designers will collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. From the initial concept to the final masterpiece, every detail is infused with your brand's DNA, ensuring a seamless extension of your identity.


Sinco offers an array of premium leathers, each chosen for its distinct character. Whether it's the timeless appeal of vegetable-tanned leather, the ethical elegance of vegan options, the classic charm of pebbled textures, or the refinement of Saffiano patterns – our materials tell a story that resonates with your brand's values.

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Can I customize the design of my wallet?  

Indeed! As a custom wallet manufacturer, our manufacturing services are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life. We offer a full range of customization options that allow you to customize every aspect of your wallet design to match your brand and preferences. You can choose the type of leather, the color, and even the placement of pockets, card slots, and closures. Whether you prefer minimalist style or fine details, our customization process ensures that the final product perfectly reflects your style and sets your brand apart.

What types of leather are commonly used for wallets? 

Common types of leather used for wallets include full-grain leather (strong and natural looking) and head-grain leather (slightly smoother). There are also printed or embossed leathers, which strike a good balance between quality and cost. Some wallets use exotic leathers such as crocodile or snakeskin to create a unique look. Faux leather is an animal-friendly synthetic material. Each type has its benefits and you can choose according to your style and preferences.

Do you offer sustainable and ethically sourced materials?

Yes, we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in our material sourcing. We ensure that we use materials that are good for the environment and treat our workers fairly. This way, you can be confident that the materials used in your products are sourced reliably and with consideration for people and the planet.

How long does it take to make a leather wallet?

The time it takes to make a leather wallet can vary. It mainly depends on the design of the wallet, the material, the quantity needed and other factors. Generally, it takes a few weeks to make them. We work efficiently to ensure that your wallet is crafted with care and delivered on time, while maintaining our commitment to quality.

What is the process of customizing a leather wallet?

The production of a leather wallet involves several steps. After discussing your design ideas, material specifications, and quality standards with you, we source the right types of materials, including leather and components. Next, our skilled craftsmen cut the leather and carefully stitch it together, adding features such as currency and insert pockets, ID windows and card slots. Once the sample production is complete, we check the quality of the wallet so that everything looks great and send it to you for confirmation, and we will proceed with mass production when you agree.

What is your MOQ?

We use flexible MOQs, the minimum order for most leather wallets is 100 pieces.

How do you ensure the quality of the finished wallet?

We utilize a three-step quality check throughout the entire wallet production process. Our skilled craftsmen scrutinize the materials and stitching at every stage of production. We conduct rigorous tests to ensure functionality, such as smooth opening and closing of zippers and securing closures. In addition, we check the overall craftsmanship to ensure that the wallet meets our high standards for durability, aesthetics, and attention to detail. This comprehensive quality control process ensures that every wallet that leaves our shop is of exceptional quality and ready to serve you well.

Sinco isn't just a purveyor of leather goods, we're a conduit for your brand's narrative. Imagine these custom creations as promotional tools at trade shows, conversation starters at corporate events, or gifts that leave a lasting impression. Each piece becomes an ambassador of your brand, drawing attention and sparking conversations effortlessly.

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