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Leather Travel Bag

As a trusted custom leather bag manufacturer with 16 years of manufacturing experience, we can handcraft unique private label leather duffle bags that reflect the personality of your own brand. Choose from our extensive selection of high quality leathers, colors and styles. Every leather travel bag is made from the finest leather from the best tanneries around the world, then stitched and finished in our factory using the most advanced machinery and techniques. Our bespoke bags are made in small batches and customized to your exacting specifications.

Versatile and stylish, travel bags can be used not only as travel bags but also as gym bags and work bags. Equip your store with leather duffle bags in PU leather, Vegan leather and Genuine leather. we offer classic shades like black and brown, but also some fun colors like red and blue. Whether your customers plan to use the duffle bags as luggage or just as a fashionable men's accessory, we have you (and your store) covered!

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What makes our leather travel bags or duffel bags perfect for you?

Our leather travel bags or duffel bags are designed to evolve from traditional designs to showcase modernist designs and layouts to meet the needs and requirements of modern travel. Leather travel bags or duffel bags offer versatility in design and concept.

Why choose a leather travel bag or duffel bag from Sinco?

Modern concepts employed in the design allow for maximum versatility when packing items in compartments

Made from genuine leather and many other forms of leather such as PU leather, Vegan leather, Genuine leather.

Ideal for traveling and camping without having to worry about spacing at all.

The interior is richly crafted and perfect for great traveling needs.

Offers multiple compartments so you can easily store handy items.

Multi-functional, suitable for both men and women.


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